William Vaux Photography

Landscape/Seascape/Sports/Portrait - Melbourne based award winning photographer.

Hello, I'm William Vaux an award winning and internationally published freelance photographer who specialises in Landscape/Seascape/Sports/Portrait/Fashion/Commercial/Events/Weddings based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I'm a former passionate golfer who found photography.

After many years of playing golf and having gotten my handicap down to 3 and winning pennant awards with the Mornington Golf Club, golf started to feel like a chore and I didn't have the passion for it that I once had. I still love the sport, but don't have the desire to walk around a course for 4 hours and feel tired after. It's more the physical impact that I don't enjoy.

I always had a love for taking photos, but it wasn't until my wife wanted to buy a camera that my passion for photography accidentally took off from. My wife wanted to buy a camera because we were going away overseas. She was looking at some cheap options around $250 and I suggested we could get something better. On one of the local facebook groups someone was selling a camera and lenses for $500 worth $1600 and she asked if we could look at that. I suggested we find out about the camera first and it turned out to be 7 years old. Now not knowing much about cameras at the time, I know from working in the IT industry that in 7 years technology can change a lot. A did some research and found I could buy a brand new camera with 2 kit lenses for around the same price and that's what we did. I bought a Nikon D3200 with 18-55mm and 55-200mm kit lenses. Now I thought since we'll be going away, I better learn how to use the camera, so I was able to get some help from a friend who's being doing photography for many years and learning further by watching youtube videos, photography videos, photography magazines and various websites have all help develop my photography. The thing I love about photography is I can go and explore new and old locations, meet and work with people come home and have something to show for it, not just for now, but forever.

I have been inspired by many people over my journey learning photography and hope that I can inspire others too.

For me photography is about art, my art and my passion that I put in to take the shot and the vision to be able to create the image in post processing. It’s about creating an image with the skills I have and working with the light and subjects around me. 

I am truly passionate about my photography and I’m always looking to direct and coach the models to bring out their personality in every photo shoot I do. I want to help models build solid portfolios with professional images so they can further their career opportunities and possibly shots for publications.

If you like the quality and style of my work, then please contact me and see if we can organise a time for a shoot.

I use professional cameras and lenses and also have professional portable lighting which can be taken anywhere. I am reliable and professional about my work and look forward to working with like minded people. I can also be called upon at short notice for a photo shoot.

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